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CID BackShop Program


A "backstop" in the railroad industry is where things are fixed . . . . repairs, routine maintenance, or upgrades.  The CID Backshop program is designed to address your issues and problems . . . so everyone can enjoy the hobby of model railroading to its fullest.


Officers and managers of the Central Indiana Division / NMRA are experienced model railroaders.  Most have been involved with the hobby for decades.  They understand many of the "situations" that arise on a regular basis, from wiring to weathering, benchwork to operations, layout planning to the building of rolling stock.

Do you have a problem that "just came up", or want to bounce an idea off a fellow modeler?

Direct your inquiries to our Backshop staff, who will communicate with you directly or might contact one of our other officers or a member who lives in your immediate community.

Contact us at: 

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