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2023-2024 CID Model Contest


Vote for your favorite model at Email CIDNMRA@GMAIL.COM

June Contest

Anything Goes!

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This year we will be changing and adding a few things to our contest format based on feedback many of you provided.

New this year is having a fall and spring season. We will break the contest year into a fall season, starting as always with the Franklin Train Show - A Model in Progress, and running through the December Contest. Plaques will be awarded to the winners of the Fall season.

January, despite being in the middle of winter, will start the Spring Season which will finish with June's contest. The Spring Season winners will also receive plaques. Points accumulate for the season. Once we have winners for the season we reset the points to 0 for the next season.

But wait--what about the overall contest? Well, we are going to keep that too. We will still do an overall score for the whole season and those come with overall plaques. While the overall may still result in someone pulling far into the lead it makes it more possible for different winners in the fall and spring seasons. See rules for scroing changes affecting previous year winners.

What if you want to show models but don't want to compete? The purpose of the contest is to promote showing modeler's work in the CID. You can submit entries and ask for them to just be displayed. They will appear at the end of the contest entries


Contests are often not won by the best technical model. They are usually won by the person who manages to take a photo that connects with the most voters. If you can point your cellphone at a model then you can take a contest winning photo.

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