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The Central Indiana Division (CID) of the Midwest Region is a busy group.  Right now we are getting ready to work with two of our neighbor NMRA Regions to host a Major Model Train Convetion.  The Midwest Region, the North Central Region and the Mid Central Region and the Chicago RPM organization have come together to create a super convention.  This will be convention that comes into being with much of the same flavor and organization as you saw in our 2016 National NMRA convention.  We have heard from some in our community that a week long convention such as the NMRA convention is two expensive for the average model railroader so we have listened to that message and organized a convention of moderate size.  There will still be layout tours, clinics, operation sessions, model train displays and NMRA Achievement Award judging.  We will be in INDIANAPOLIS at the Marriot East hotel which is a modern hotel that has everything in one place including FREE PARKING.  Click on the logo below to go to the Convention website.

May 18 to 22, 2022

Marriot East Hotel and Conference Center

August 27-28, 2022
Franklin Train Show
Johnson County Fairgrounds

This new permanent location has become our most popular Train Show in the Spring with a new facility, loads of dealers, layout displays, clinics and more.  But wait, we are temporarily shifting to August in 2022 because we will be doing the Tri-Regional Convention in May 2022.  You will be able to see more about the Tri-Regional Convention here.

The Franklin Train Show location is the Johnson County Fairgrounds facility located on US 31 in Franklin, IN.  

Our Spring Train Show is also our NMRA Central Indiana Division Annual Meeting.


Click here for Franklin Train Show Flyer

Click here for the Dealer sign up form


November 2022
Danville Train Show


This has become a very popular and busy Train Show with a great facility, loads of dealers, layout displays, clinics and more.  We are adding even more space in the building for the train show.  This will allow for more dealers and more operating train displays.  Come see how we are growing this show. The schedule is 10 AM to 3 PM (like all our shows).  

This event is held in the Hendricks County Fairgrounds facility located on old Highway #36 at 200 E.  

January 29, 2023
 Lebanon Train Show

The very popular Winter Noblesville Train Show became the Lebanon Train Show and was held in the Boone County Fairgrounds.  This move worked out well and over 700 people enjoyed this train show along with all the same dealers, portable layout displays, clinics and more that you are accustomed to seeing in our Winter Train Show.   The address is:  

1300 E 100 S Lebanon, IN. 46052

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Modeler's Meets RETURN!

 We had a great Modelers Meet in Kokomo on April 2nd.  Pictures will be posted here soon.  Next Modelers Meet will be scheduled in Fall of this year.  Next month is the super 3 Regions NMRA convention, Indy Junction 2022










Track Talks returns to In person meets and alternating zoom meetings

May 9, 2022 6:00 pm Track Talk will begin with the CID Annual Business Meeting.  


Call To Order



Review of the minutes from the May 2021, Annual CID Business Meeting




Recognition of the 2021-2022 CID Board of Directors

Election results for Spring 2022

Past events: 


Review of Finances 

Chief Clerk

Calendar of Events 

Membership – Chuck Tuttle 

Website & Social Media


New Business

Track Talk and Ambassadors Programs

Indy Jct. 2022, May 18th-22nd

NMRA Gateway 2022- St. Louis, MO Convention, August 7th-13th

Franklin Train Show, Franklin, IN August 27th-28th




Following the Annual Business Meeting will be our Zoom Track Talk meeting with a presentation by David Myers on "Getting the Most from Gatorfoam."

This part of the meeting will begin at 7:15 PM if we have been able to complete all the agenda items of the Annual Meeting.

1.    Welcome and introductions - Dan Hinel. 

2.    David Myers on "Getting the Most out of Gatorfoam."

3.    Tips and Tricks or other Show and Tell items you would like to share.  

4.    Other backshop topics?  Do you need help with something?  Ask for help especially if you are stuck.

5.    Future events:  The CID plans to continue both monthly in person and Zoom events.  We are planning one in person event each month as we start 2022.  

Zoom Track Talk information 
Questions, Suggestions, Ideas?  Call Eric Peterson 317-947-4829 

Zoom LINK information is not being posted on the website for security purposes.  All CID members who have email addresses on file with the CID will be sent an email one week and again shortly before the Zoom Meeting.  If you are not sure that we have your email address you can email us with the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on this website.                               

Additional Information:         

  1. CID members are welcome to invite a non-member to attend Track Talk to learn more about CID activities and meet additional members.  If you invite a non-member to Track Talk, please arrange to be on Track Talk and introduce your guest.

  2. Our Zoom Track Talk gatherings are not recorded or shared.  Respecting the privacy of members please do not make other arrangements to record Track Talk.  If we do have a special segment of value for repeating we will let everyone know when recording.

  3. If another family member is using your computer, you can always join by phone but you will not see the screens.  Most of us use the computer microphone and speaker.  A headset and separate microphone are better for presentations. Computers work better than cell phones. 

Please do the following before/during the meeting:

  1.  Please keep your introduction short:  Name, Location, Scale.  We have more people and we want to get to the program.  Your comments are always welcome during show and tell.

  2. Please update your on screen name to include your first and last name and location, e.g. Eric Peterson Carmel, IN, O scale 2 rail        

  3. Please mute your computer when not talking.  Your space bar will also open your microphone when held down.  Zoom will mute you when you join the meeting.  As the host, I will mute your connection if there is background sound interrupting the Zoom Conference.

  4. Be sure to open your chat window, as links and other important information will be shared through that window. You can also type in questions here to be answered by the presenters. 

If you have questions or content suggestions, contact Eric Peterson at or by phone 317-947-4829.  

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Extra Fare !
The events sponsored by the CID are popular in central Indiana (train shows, clinics, modelers meets, etc.) But there are others events too, and here is more of what is going on in our area.

Naptown & and White River Model Railroad Club GREAT NEWS!  The Club House is open again!   Click here for a link to the club.

This space available for additional future Train Show listings
Nickel Plate Express
Train rides and special themed events.  Click on the photo for more information.

Train rides will begin again in spring 2022


Indiana Live Steamers

Train rides on one/eight scale trains. Johnson County in the summer.  Special events and Birthday parties are available too.  Click on the photo for more information


Area Train Shows Click on photo to view
This will open a .pdf file which will show  upcoming train shows for the Indiana, Michigan and Ohio area. It is maintained and supplied to the CID superintendent by Ken Skopp of the Grand River Valley Railroad Club in Wyoming, Michigan and is updated on a monthly basis.