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CID Activities & Events

Full Master CID Event Calendar, click here


The Central Indiana Division (CID) of the Midwest Region is a busy group.  We have train shows, layout tours, Modelers Meets, Track Talk sessions and more.  Check here for the most up to date happenings.

August 5-6 2023
Franklin Train Show
Johnson County Fairgrounds

This new permanent location has become our most popular Train Show now in August with a new facility, the Johnson County Fairgrounds, which provides 

30,000 square feet in 5 buildings.  This much space allows us to provide more operating portable layouts with twelve currently scheduled.  We will also have a static live steam display.  

The Franklin Train Show location is the Johnson County Fairgrounds facility located at 250 Fairgrounds St. in Franklin, IN near highway US 31.  

Click here for the Train Show Flyer

Click here for the Dealer sign up form


November 18, 2023
  Over 1,000 attended in 2022!
Danville Train Show


This has become a very popular and busy Train Show with a great facility, loads of dealers, layout displays, modeling demos and more.  It's held in two large expo halls that total 26,000 sq. ft. located in one building. New in 2022, another 2,000 sq. ft room dedicated to O Scale 2-rail and S Scale vendors and layout displays. 


This event is held at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds 4-H Conference Center, located at 1900 E. Main Street in Danville, IN. 

Click here for the Danville Train Show Flier

Click here for the Danville Vendor form

Click here for Danville O and S vendor form

January 2024
 Lebanon Train Show

The very popular Winter Noblesville Train Show became the Lebanon Train Show and was held in the Boone County Fairgrounds.  This move worked out well and over 700 people enjoyed this train show along with all the same dealers, portable layout displays, clinics and more that you are accustomed to seeing in our Winter Train Show.   The address is:  

1300 E 100 S Lebanon, IN. 46052

Click here for the Train Show flyer!

Click here for the Vendor sign up form

Track Talk









Track Talks returns to In person meets and alternating zoom meetings

The next Track Talk information will be on Monday May 8 at 6 PM.  This will be a double feature Zoom Meeting with the first part being the CID Annual Membership Meeting which will start at 6 PM.  The Zoom session will begin at 5:45 to allow members to log into the Zoom meeting before the membership meeting starts.  The agenda for this part of the meeting will be:

Call To Order



Review of the minutes from the May 9th, 2022, Annual CID Business Meeting




Recognition of the 2022-2023 CID Board of Directors

Election results for Spring 2023

Past events: 


Review of Finances 

Chief Clerk

Calendar of Events 

Membership – Michael Roderick 

Website & Social Media


New Business

NMRA Texas Express 2023- Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Convention, August 20th-26th

Franklin Train Show, Franklin, IN August 5th-6th




The next part of the Zoom meeting will be a presentation by Phillip Burnside of determining the best temperatures for 3D printing materials by using a Temperature Tree.  Not all 3D materials are the same.

We will have the Zoom open before 6 pm and our introductions and program will start at 6:00 pm. New to Zoom? never fear we have helped a lot of people get up and running before the Meeting. That is one of the reasons we open up early. "Try it, you will like it." 


We also have time for updates and your project progress reports. What is on your workbench, Any new ideas or methods? Unsuccessful project information is also welcome for the benefit of all the rest of us. Pictures to share? Also allowed.


Future events: The CID plans to continue with monthly Zoom events and an in person event once a month

Zoom Track Talk information 
Questions, Suggestions, Ideas?  Call Eric Peterson 317-947-4829 

Zoom LINK information is not being posted on the website for security purposes.  All CID members who have email addresses on file with the CID will be sent an email one week and again shortly before the Zoom Meeting.  If you are not sure that we have your email address you can email us with the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on this website.                               

Additional Information:         

  1. CID Annual Membership Meeting

  2. Using the Temperature Tree to determine the best temperatures for 3D printing materials by Phillip Burnside.

  3. Our Zoom Track Talk gatherings are not recorded or shared.  Respecting the privacy of members please do not make other arrangements to record Track Talk.  If we do have a special segment of value for repeating we will let everyone know when recording.

  4. If another family member is using your computer, you can always join by phone but you will not see the screens.  Most of us use the computer microphone and speaker.  A headset and separate microphone are better for presentations. Computers work better than cell phones. 

Please do the following before/during the meeting:

  1.  Please keep your introduction short:  Name, Location, Scale.  We have more people and we want to get to the program.  Your comments are always welcome during show and tell.

  2. Please update your on screen name to include your first and last name and location, e.g. Eric Peterson Carmel, IN, O scale 2 rail        

  3. Please mute your computer when not talking.  Your space bar will also open your microphone when held down.  Zoom will mute you when you join the meeting.  As the host, I will mute your connection if there is background sound interrupting the Zoom Conference.

  4. Be sure to open your chat window, as links and other important information will be shared through that window. You can also type in questions here to be answered by the presenters. 

If you have questions or content suggestions, contact Eric Peterson at or by phone 317-947-4829.  

CID Zoom image.png
Spring Layout Tour, May 6th
Starting at 10 AM to 3 PM

The Central Indiana Division of the NMRA is proud to be hosting the Spring 2023 Layout Tour.  Five layouts will be participating in Saturday’s program.  These layouts are in Avon, Danville and Mooresville, Indiana (west side of Indy).  The Spring Layout Tour will run from 10 am until 3 pm on Saturday, May 6, 2023.  Please be courteous to our hosts and their neighbors in regard to your parking.

Photos of these layouts can be found among some of the layouts to be found on the Hendricks County layout page, click here to see these layouts.  Note, not all Hendricks County layouts are on the tour but all of these are featured on this linked webpage.

Layout tour manager: Dr. Robert Perry

Layout Tour Committee: John Coy & Roger Scroggins


Future layout tours will be planned in other areas as well pending interest.


The following layouts will be on display:


Layout #1/ Owner: Ron Phillips

Danville, IN


This spectacular HO layout is housed in its own free-standing building at the back of Ron’s property.  It features the Great Northern’s mainline from Chicago to Seattle.  It is truly museum quality and is utilized in many operating sessions by his crew.


Layout #2/ Owner Phillip Burnside

Avon, IN


This HO layout is the product of many years of work by both Phil and his father, James.  It fills the bulk of his basement.  It represents a complete steel works facility and the surrounding areas.  Many of the structures are 3D printed including an ore boat that is several feet long and is extremely impressive.  It is 3D printed modeling at its best!


Layout #3/ Owner Robert Perry

Avon, IN


This 13’ x 22’ HO layout represents a fictitious branch of Canadian National in the Marieville area of Quebec in the modern era.  It is housed in a loft above the garage.  There is a duckunder.  It features many 3D printed items and rolling stock as well as an Arduino controlled transfer table.  Digitrax block occupancy and signaling is utilized with a JMRI computer interface running Operations Pro and iPad control panels.


Layout #4/ Owner John Pancini

Avon, IN


John’s HO scale layout is 20’ x 20’with two staging yards.  The era is the 1960’s to 1970’s on the Jasper, Kentland and Wabash layout.  Locals service a variety of over 30 industries via car cards and waybills.  This is a DC controlled system.  There is a duckunder.  There is a lot to see!


Layout #5/ Owner John Poray

Mooresville, IN 


Set in 1955, his HO Scale Adirondack Division depicts portions of the New York Central System in Northern New York State. From Albany and Rensselaer Yard to the east, to Ogdensburg, NY to the west (and then on to Buffalo, NY - hidden staging). The route is a single-track main line with many passing sidings.  There is also a NYC branch line from Lake Clear Junction, NY to Saranac Lake, NY that connects with a Delaware & Hudson branch that heads back to Albany. The control system is Digitrax wireless - Simplex and Duplex. JMRI Operations Pro is used for train and car management. A dispatcher manages traffic using a combination of "CTC" computer screen and magnet.  There are two locations where the aisles are quite narrow that may prohibit some from negotiating them. The 875 sq. ft. railroad is located in the basement, accessible by a stairway. There are no pets. Parking is available in the driveway and street. Please don't block the mailbox at the end of the driveway if you arrive before 1:00 pm.

Spring layout Toir
Modelers Meet
MM same Yellow w cid logo.png

Next Modelers Meet set for September 30th in Ellettsville, Indiana at the First United Methodist Church.

803 W. Temperance St.

Ellettsville, Indiana

This will be from 10 AM to 3 PM

Terre Haute Children's Museum 9th Annual Train Day

July 29, 2023 from 10 AM to 3 PM

For more information, click here!

Extra Fare
Extra Fare !
The events sponsored by the CID are popular in central Indiana (train shows, clinics, modelers meets, etc.) But there are others events too, and here is more of what is going on in our area.

Miami County Model Fall Train Show and Swap Meet

Saturday, September 30, 2023

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Miami County Fairgrounds, 4-H Project and Community Buildings

1029 W. 200 N., Peru, Indiana, 46970

Click here for the Train Show Flier


Naptown & and White River Model Railroad Club Father's Day Weekend 2023
Saturday 17th,10 am to 3 pm
Open House and Free Train Show
For more information Click Here!

Nickel Plate Express
Train rides and special themed events.  Click on the photo for more information.

Train rides will begin again in spring 2022


Indiana Live Steamers

Train rides on one/eight scale trains. Johnson County in the summer.  Special events and Birthday parties are available too.  Click on the photo for more information


Area Train Shows Click on photo to view
This will open a .pdf file which will show  upcoming train shows for the Indiana, Michigan and Ohio area. It is maintained and supplied to the CID superintendent by Ken Skopp of the Grand River Valley Railroad Club in Wyoming, Michigan and is updated on a monthly basis.
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