Special Favorites Challenge


At the 2018 Danville meet, there was a special, popular-vote, Favorites Contest.  The subject of the contest was the construction of a 100 scale foot X 100 scale foot display in the model scale (NO 1:1 scale) of your choice.  The CID board was happy to have ten displays on hand and also pleased at the interest shown by the show attendees.  We’d like to thank all the modelers who participated and remind others that we will be having a similar, but slightly different, contest for 2019 (see the guidelines below).

A minor change from the previous contest is the inclusion of a narrower theme to this year’s display.  The theme will be the display of a Repurposed Railroad Car.  If you were to search the internet for “repurposed railroad car” you would find many photos of cars that were no longer serving their original purpose, but were put to another use after their railroad life had ended.  As an example, we often see cabooses being used as offices, hotels, or lake cabins.  Flat cars have often been used as bridges over ditches or small creeks.  It was once popular to see passenger cars used as diners or extra seating at restaurants.  Check out Internet sites; there are lots of uses shown.  Your challenge . . . choose one that intrigues you and design a display to illustrate the new purpose for your railcar. 

The major rules are:

*  The display must include a repurposed railroad car

*  Maximum horizontal dimensions = 100 Scale Feet X 100 Scale Feet

     square or 100 Scale Feet diameter circle (for the base)

*  No part of the model should extend past the edge of the base

*  Maximum vertical dimension = none, but the model must stand on its own

*  This is a display – so, no backdrop

*  The display may be electrically powered, 18-volt maximum from

     batteries or 110V wall-wart

*  The modeler may provide documentation for the display on a 4” X 6”

     card or in a standard, 3-ring binder (nothing larger, please)

    The challenge for 2019 was to display a REPURPOSED RAILROAD CAR on a 100 scale foot  x 100 scale foot base.  The 2020 challenge involved a railroad-related scene that includes a street-running scenario!

Due to the now canceled Danville Train Show of Saturday, Nov. 21st, please follow these new procedures as outlined by our contest manager!


100' X 100' Contest Revised Event

The 100' X 100' contest was supposed to take place at the now cancelled Danville Train Show.  I know several of you put in hard work on creating your railroad-related dioramas of “street running”.  It would be a pity to not see that great work.   We also have the much coveted winners plaques already so we are going to go virtual with the contest.


If you built an entry take up to 5 JPEGs of your diorama and send them to: eric@northcomp.com  

Eric will take all the photos and create a form to allow CID members to vote.  This will still be a popular vote contest with anonymous work, as no names will be placed on the voting form (only images of the projects).  We will leave voting up for a week and then announce the winners.  The winner's plaques will be shipped to those with the top 3 number of votes.


Photographs are due in to Eric by 5:00 PM EST on Saturday November 21st. 

If you haven't started it isn't too late!  Build something depicting railroading and a street running scenario and send your JPEGs!


Daniel Banks
100' X 100' Contest Manager