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Operations in the CID

An increasing area of interest and growth in the hobby of model railroading is Operations, which means giving purpose to a layout, and setting into motion our model railroads with a plan to show how real railroads work, or OPERATE.

This scene is from the Naptown and White River Club in downtown Indy, a popular "Ops Session" location.

LINK: Naptown and White River Club

CIRROPS is a local group of model railroaders who are working with individual layout owners and individuals looking to do operation even if they don't have a layout.  This group has been in existence a number of years and has hosted invitational events from time to time.  There are people involved with CIRROPS who would be glad to meet with layout owners to help them understand how to design or prepare their layout for operation.   


More details about CIRROPS can be found:

Operation Photos

Marty Witkiewicz / Erie Lackawanna Railway,

Fairfax Division

Chuck Tuttle / Salt Creek and Eastern

Pete Pedigo / Unionville and Western Railroad

Tom Cain / Eastern Illinois Santa Fe

Jon Silverberg / DRGW & RGS On30

Trevor Jones / Midland & Great Western Junction Railway

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