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CID June Contest Anything Goes!

Entry 1

N Scale


A container stacker doing work in Ward Yard. Moving Tanks squares on to a semi for delivery. 

Entry 2

HO Scale

"Dispatch-Train 103 at Apple Junction west bound on main - Broken coupler must ask for track and time for Repair."


"Dispatch- Liberty local at Apple Junction eastbound on siding - Broken airline emergency stop asking for track and     time for repair"


Dispatcher mutters under his breath "What are the chances of both trains having equipment problems at same place on this hot summer day."

Entry 3

HO Scale

" Street Running the San Francisco Streets in the Cable Car"

This is a Lego San Francisco Cable Car model set in the scene coming up the hill on the street with the bay seen in the background. Highlighted with some models of the row houses as seen in the San Francisco area. Even though the Row Houses are HO Scale, with them set closely behind the Cable Car and street the size shows them back a little from the subject of the photo. Also the water scene at the back, the Bay scene behind the subject on down at the bottom of the hill, creates what the view is like from these famous cable cars climbing these elevated streets up and down the hill. This cable car just happens to be decorated for the Christmas Season using various Lego extra parts and colors.

Entry 4

HO Scale

A New York Central coal drag creeps across the 1890's trestle in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York State, near Saranac Lake. The trestle is a scratch-built structure built 35 years ago by the contestant.

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