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CID Contest Rules


1. You must be a Central Indiana Division member to enter the contest.

2. You can enter any model consistent with the monthly category, including works in progress.

3. Contest entries AND votes are sent to

4. You must submit contest entry photos by email to the CID for your entry and submit up to the maximum number of photos specified for a particular month’s contest if not in person.

5. In Person contests may have a 4X6 card displayed to explain the model.

6. Online contests may also have a 100 word or less description.

7. You may have someone else place your entry into the contest under your name if you cannot attend an in person contest.

8. If a contest has more than one category, you can enter each category..

9. You can enter a category as many times as you want but you only gain one participation point per category.

10. Entry deadlines for photo contest are sent in an email. This year we will accept late entries for display. While they will not be eligible for votes, they will still be displayed.

11. For those who want to show off modeling, you can ask to have your entry as display only. It will be entered in a separate section of the page without a number to cast a vote for. Please still include the same 100 word or less description.


The top three from each category will get points as follows:

1st place 3 points

2nd place 2 points

3rd place 1 point

1. Entries get 1 point for joining the contest. 

2. You can enter as many items in a category as you want (space restrictions may limit entries) but you only get entry points for 1 model in each category.

For example, if you enter 3 models and one of those wins first place you would get 3 points for the win and 1 entry point. The other two entries do not gain entry points.

3. PREVIOUS WINNERS of the overall yearly contest start the next year with a handicap. First place starts with -3, second place starts with -2, and third place starts with -1.

Contest Mechanics

1. Images for online contests are sized to 800X600 max (600x800 for vertical shots). The photo will be sized to the largest dimension. A cropped photo will be sized to the maximum length or height. 

2. In person model entry order is determined by the order they are registered.

3. Online contest entries are run through a random order generator and appear on the site in that order. 

4. No official AP judging will take place as part of the contest.

5. An individual may cast one vote in each category in each monthly contest.

6.Voting at shows and modeler's meets will be done with paper ballot per usual popular vote methods.

7. Contests will be held in seasons. The Fall Season runs August-December. The Spring Season run February - June

8. Plaques will be awarded at the end of each season. Points reset to 0 for the next season.

9. We also keep track of points over the year to award a top three winners. This runs overs the August-June contest year.

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