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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question regarding the Central Indiana Division (CID), or NMRA, or anything about model railroading . . . . look through this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see if similar questions have already been answered.

 01  How do I keep up-to-date on CID / NMRA activities?  

You can stay current with CID activities by checking this website often.  The home page has a short highlight list of the CID activities that will soon be occurring.  Be sure to move these dates to your personal calendar.  For more detailed information of upcoming activities, click on the "Schedule" tab at the top of the site.  Here, you'll find not only more information about each of the activities, but also a listing of activities that will take place further in the future.




 02  Is there a way to ask questions of other CID modelers?

Sure!  The CID has a Yahoo groups email list for members to discuss all things model railroading.  This list is also a method to receive timely announcements of meets and activities.  We use this list to notify members if there are changes or cancellations of activities.  Sign up for the list - there aren't that many emails for you to have to wade through.  Click on the About Us tab at the top of the page, then choose CID email list in the drop-down menu.  Then, just follow the directions on the page to join.  


If that doesn't answer your question, Click on the Contact tab and E-mail us your question.  We'll direct your inquiry to a fellow model railroader, like an expert in your area of interest or to someone who lives in your general community.




 03  Can model railroaders from other areas participate in CID events?

Not only is that a "yes", but we'd encourage it!  Regions and Divisions of the NMRA are split up by ZIP CODE, which can be fairly random.  But many members travel to different regions of the country, and enjoy conventions, train shows, layout tours, and clinics.  You are encouraged to enjoy this great hobby with modelers from across the nation.




 04  What is the AP Program?

The NMRA is involved with many competitive events and recognitions.  Among the most famous is the Achievement Program, commonly called the "AP program".  If you have ever heard of someone being named a Master Model Railroader, that is among the highest honors in the hobby.  More details about this activity are found on the NMRA website:




 05  Can I become an officer, or just a volunteer, in the CID?

Of course. Many of our activities require individuals with various interests . . . . Volunteers help us plan programs, provide staffing at events, or be the knowledgeable modelers who offer clinics (presentations) at CID activities.  If you are a CID member, you may choose to run for an office on the CID Board of Directors.  Contact one of the Board members, or talk to us in-person at a local model railroading event if you are interested in helping.




 06  Who can attend Layout Tours and Modelers Meets?


Some of our activities, such as Layout Tours and Modelers Meets, are restricted to NMRA members only. We feel that these are benefits of being members of the NMRA and CID and are put together and offered with that idea in mind. Remember that any member of the NMRA, regardless of home Division/Region, is welcome to attend these activities. Members may bring one, non-NMRA member guest with them for a one-time visit to a members-only event with the idea that the guest can get a feel for what we do and decide if they would like to become a member of the NMRA/CID. We would add that Modelers Meets do not require a specific skill level, or that you bring items to participate, or follow the theme of the particular meet when you do bring things to show. Just attend, bring something to show others if you wish, and learn from fellow model railroaders.  These activities are open to ALL CID members, regardless of whether they are beginning or experienced modelers.

 07  I’m an NMRA member living adjacent to the CID in a different Division and/or Region.  Is there a way for me to move my membership to the CID so I get info about upcoming activities in the CID?


Although possible, it’s not easy to accomplish this – especially between Regions.  Your home Region/Division is assigned based on your address, using your home state, county, and ZIP code. So, for you to be assigned to a different Division, the area (county/ZIP code) where you live must be reassigned from one Division to another.  If there are other NMRA members living within that area, they, too, must agree to the change.

Rather than trying the above procedure or actually moving into the CID, an easier and cheaper way for you to stay informed about the CID is for you to acquire a subscription to our newsletter, The Rusty Spike.  For $6.00/year, you will get five issues of The Rusty Spike sent to your address.  To accomplish this, send your mailing information and a check ($6.00, payable to Central Indiana Division) to our Circulation Manager; Chuck Tuttle, 1708 Maywood Dr., West Lafayette, IN  47906-2261.  Note that although NMRA members from other Divisions are welcome to attend CID activities, they are not eligible to vote or hold office in the CID.


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