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Lafayette Layouts

Chuck Tuttle's Salt Creek and Eastern Railroad


This is an Eastern free-lanced railroad set in the state of mind, most likely that of Pennsylvania in the early to mid 1960’s.  The main yard at Tutthill has a sit-down yardmaster who directs the switch crew and hostler.  Traffic moves on and off of the layout via several through second class trains, as well as a number of extras.  There are three locals serving the towns and industries along the line and two passenger trains running each way each day as well as an excursion train to a local brewery.   Layout control is Digitrax.

Chad Boas’ MONON  HO


If there is a railroad that epitomizes Indiana it would have to be the Monon Railroad.  This layout represents the Monon Railroad around the 1958 era running from Chicago and Hammond Indiana at the north end and Loiusville on the south end.  Specific towns that are modeled include Monon and Bloomington Indiana.


The main yard on this layout is the Lafayette yard with a very well modeled Lafayette Shops.  Yard jobs sort north and southbound cars as well as servicing the engines, and switching the supply cars for the Lafayette shops.  

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