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The Naptown & White River is a primarily HO scale club located in the southeastern quadrant of Indianapolis. All scales and enthusiasts of trains and model trains, of any age and/or skillset are welcome. As the oldest still-active model railroad group in Indianapolis, we seek to encourage growth of the hobby, enjoyment by the public, enthusiasm between friends and family, and education for all.  Click on our name above to take you to our website and information on how to get in touch with us.

Columbus Area Railroad Club

The Columbus Area Railroad Club is dedicated to sharing interests in railroading; history, modeling, photography, artifacts, and railfanning.

The Columbus Area Railroad Club room is located at the Johnson County Park Office building and features operating model train layouts in N, Z, HO (runs both conventional DC current and also Digital Command Control (DCC)), ON30, and O gauges.  Click on this link to access their updated website:

CINTRAK (Central Indiana N-TRAK) is an N-scale modular railroading club founded in 1980. Members build and maintain modules following either the N-TRAK or oNe-TRAK standard. This allows numerous modules to be brought together to create huge (our last one: 60' x 65') layouts at train shows.

CINTRAK is looking to welcome all interested in N-scale modular railroading. You can follow us on Facebook or contact us for more information.  Click on our name above to take you to our website and information on how to get in touch with us.

Morgan County Model Railroad Club
MCMRA module photo for Rusty Spike.jpg

The Morgan County Model Railroad Club is looking for some new active members to join our group. The club has been in existence for over 30 years and meets in Mooresville. Some of our members have over 30 years’ experience and some as little as 4 or 5 years’ experience. Little or no experience is needed to become a member. We can help with the learning curve of model railroading. 

We have a permanent HO layout (DC and DCC) and a touring modular HO layout about 28 by 12 feet which is DigiTrax DCC. We currently have two or three 4’ by 30” modules to scenic to your needs. The club owns the module and the 3-track mainline. You may add a turnout if needed.

We enjoy taking our modular layout to train shows, so a big part of our club includes participating in setting up and taking down the layout at these shows, and staffing the layout during the show to run trains and talk with the public.

There is no requirement as to era or railroad you would wish to run. The equipment you might like to run on the layouts must meet our standards (basic NMRA standards) for smooth running at the shows.

Contact Dan Goins


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