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Spring 2018 Layout Tour


The Central Indiana Division is pleased to host a layout tour in the Indianapolis / Carmel / Fishers area on Saturday, April 7th. Six different sites are on the tour, and all will be open from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EDT.  The Spring 2018 tour features several layouts in the basements of homes, and one large club layout.  You will be able to visit layouts of different scales, and era's.


Please be respectful of the individual and club

property at each location, and express your

appreciation to your hosts as you exit each site.



Tom Cain

This large HO layout represents a section of the pre merger Santa Fe Railroad from Joliet, Illinois to Streator Illinois.  Trains running on the layout are a combination of intermodal runs, manifest trains, AMTRAK, and local trains that switch cars in and out of local industries.


Tom Fitzsimmons

The Red Mountain Northern is an HOn3 layout depicting a fictitious northern extension of the Silverton Railroad, north from Red Mountain Mining district in Colorado.  The time frame is the late 1890s, while the silver mines were still prospering.  The floor-to-ceiling scenery is outstanding.


Bob Lehnen

Bob’s layout represents the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, a regional, Class 1 railroad, as it existed in the early 1950s. The C&EI also had extensive coal operations based in the coalfields of western Indiana/eastern Illinois and in southern Illinois. All C&EI rolling stock models are based on the prototype, and place names and types of industries come from the prototype’s documents. 

Naptown & White River Model RR Club

This HO scale club layout fills a 20’ by 40’ space in the group’s own building.  The setting is a freelance theme with scenery consistent with central Indiana and the time frame is the transition era.  The layout has beautiful scenery.


Brad Rotert

This HO scale pike represents the B&O Decatur subdivison from Indianapolis to Decatur, Illinois, modeling the Chessie era with a lot of modelers license.  The layout takes up three rooms in Brad’s basement.  Approximately 95% of the buildings are in place but not much scenery has been completed yet.


Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson’s Monon Line pike is a beautiful 24' x 38' layout, filling his basement.  The mainline is approximately 120' in length.  Many familiar locations and facilities are included on the layout, sites like were found on the Lafayette to Bloomington mainline during the 1950s-1960s.  

            Jack Simpson's Monon Line in HO scale

Tom Cain's Sante Fe pike

      The Red Mountain Northern layout of Tom Fitzsimmons

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