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Trevor Jones / Midland & Great Western Junction Railway

Updated - 9-5-2018

 L girder Benchwork. May 2018. In the far corner you can see the end of my previous build, and dust covers over the Cheltenham peninsula. I used recycled lumber from the Habitat for Humanity store and built the benchwork for less than $20. We had an op session with this framework place to be sure I was not crowding the aisles.


Running the wires. June 2018. I decided to install as much wire as possible before adding the homesite track base. With four MRC walk around cabs operating this section [DC] we have color coded feeds with tails added added every couple of feet. The common bus was yellow so I used gold table lamp wire for the yellow cab. At work are Bob Case and Tim Gates. As a part of the right of way agreement, the sections bracketed to the wall accommodate my wife's storage boxes below.


Electrical engineering June 2018. Robert Sharp, Alan Heuer Tom Heinrich and Jin Koryta getting in to it! The fascia is temporary so we don’t spear ourselves on the beam ends. On the table saw is one of the many radius templates I made to lay out the track. Instead of soldering drops to the track we mass produced drop wires soldered to rail joiners. 


The Golden Spike July 2nd 2018. Having started the build at Easter over 200ft of new track is operational. Attending the ceremony beside those already mentioned are John Partridge, John Pancini and Steve Studley our Midwest Region president. You can see the plugs for the MRC throttles, with the red cab plugged in. The cut away in the foreground will be an arched stone viaduct. I spray painted the homasote with camo paint and use the cookie cutter approach as you can see.This peninsula provides a turn back for both lines and below the timetable are staging tracks along the wall on both levels.  Check out the new flooring tiles, a garage sale find. Since then an enlarged timetable board has been installed and all of the train cards re written to utilize the new track. We are having monthly op sessions beside our regular Monday afternoons to prepare the crew to assist any visiting operators.

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