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The CID’s Fall Modelers Meet will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023.  We’ll be in Ellettsville this time

Address coming soon

Hours for the meet will be our regular 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Scenic elements abound in the prototype world.  In previous Modelers Meets we have learned about basic scenery and cast rockwork for mountainous scenery.  Now it is time to link these areas together with some roads.  Come learn about the techniques Keith uses to produce roadways for his model world.

Attendance at Modelers Meets is free to ALL NMRA members, but if you have a non-member modeler friend who would like to attend, bring him or her along.  Non-members are limited to one visit, though.  To attend future Modelers Meets, we do expect the modeler to join the NMRA.  Attendance at this free meet is a direct benefit of your membership.  Attend, increase your modeling skillset, and get acquainted with other Central Indiana modelers.

Bring a model with you that you’d like to share with others.  Remember, even though we have a theme, the item you bring does not need to be specifically about the same subject.  It is okay to bring any modeling item.  And it doesn’t need to be completed.  If there is an interesting technique that you’ve found works well for you, come to the meet, bring an example with you, and share it with the rest of us.

In the past, we’ve had many modelers wonder if they should attend, the answer to that is “Yes”.  Regardless of the level of your skillset, come to the meet and we can almost guarantee you will learn some bit of information that will increase your modeling skills.  Plus, we have a good time at the meet.

You may bring your lunch with you or there are several restaurants within 12 minutes of the church.  Some of us will be staying in the church during lunch.  If you bring your lunch, you’ll have somebody to chat with.  And if you go out, those of us remaining in the church will keep an eye on your models, so they will be safe.  We’d like to see you there.  Remind your friends about the CID Modelers Meets.  Load up a car and attend.

Steve Studley

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